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Just Curious, Oldest Doodle??????

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Ok gang, Labradoodles are a relatively newer breed as far as it's popularity. Marley is just a little 15 months, so I know he is not the oldest Doodle here. Not even close.

I don't know if it has ever been spoken about before or not but who does have the oldest Doodle. Beats me!! If ya think you are in contention for the honor, include years, month and days. It may come down to being that close.

And the oldest is??????????
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Yahoo.....Congrats to Shannon and her Star!!!!

But can she teach him any new tricks?????

Fun contest. I think I will try this again. :eek: :eek: :eek:
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I would be interested in knowing about the upper age of doodles even if they're not on the forum, since one of the reasons I chose a doodle was longevity. None of our Great Danes got past 8 years old and it was too much of a heartbreak to fall in love again with an animal who had so short a lifespan!

We have had people wanting to adopt a labradoodle now that had them before they were labradoodles. We have heard of them living to 15 yrs old. There is another lady that posts on a different forum and she has a 13 yr old GD. I went to college with a lady that had one pass away at 15. We also had a volunteer that had a 15 yr old GD, and recently adopted a labradoodle from us. So, it looks like they do have a nice long life, and none of them showed signs of old age until they were ready to go. Hope that helps. :wink:
Thanks, Shannon! I have never had such a wonderful little companion, so it's good to know that she may be around for a long time!

Kelsey is 4 &11 mos. Will be 5 this October & she can run and jump like she was still a pup. No signs of aging yet. Very interesting topic though.
Nice to know we have many years to enjoy them.

It seems today we are reieving emails form those searching for the labradoodle because so many have experienced a recent loss of thier Labs. & now are researching a dog that will be non shedding.

Most say their labs were only 7 or 8 ..yikes
Isn't this young? and why do you think so many are dieing at young ages?
Is it the over breeding of the lab that is lending to unhealthy litter lines, is it diet related lack of exercise? Over weight issues? combination of all?

Whatever the cause we are hearing this from people all the time as they find us and email us their plights of their recent losses.

We exercise our dogs twice a day out front with the ball throwing. They love it and get plenty of running in which tires them and makes them relax better when indoors. Hopfully this will lead to a healthy long lived ball chasing life :lol:
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I wanted to resurface this post to see if there were any 'senior' doodles out there? This post is several years old, so I'm curious about the oldest doodle...
This must be the place to post this. Our Virginia is going to be eighteen years old in September. She's from Glen Eden, and has amazed us with her vitality!
This must be the place to post this. Our Virginia is going to be eighteen years old in September. She's from Glen Eden, and has amazed us with her vitality!
Absolutely awesome!! 18 years for a fairly big dog is really quite an accomplishment. Any Pics of this grand old girl??
We have a beautiful girl who will be 15 June 1st.... can’t go up stairs anymore but doing great!
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