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Zimmie and I are pleased to meet you!

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My name is Jessi and I am so glad that I just found this forum! I became a very lucky lady when my best friend called and asked me if there was any way I could take in a 5mo puppy who had been abandoned. "Absolutely!" I met Zimmerman, "Zimmie" for short, 2 days later and he has now become my baby. I absolutely adore this little man, as does my boyfriend (who WAS a cat-only kind of man). We have been a family for almost 2 months now and I am wondering how it's possible that he is growing- both physically and mentally- so fast! He was obviously mistreated when he came to live with me as he was very afriad of just about everything in his universe, my boyfriend, crates, squeaky toys included. But oh man, now he has really come into his own and is quite a little pill! Crazy Doodlehead!!! He loves his momma and follows me everywhere I go, and has proved himself to be **almost always** trustworthy (see the messy boy pic), with exception to a few days of insanely wild behavior. Those are the days I am eternally grateful for the private dog park in my quaint little Austin neighborhood (Clarksville, for anyone familiar with my incredible city!). He is a social butterfly now- almost like he's making up for lost time, and is very very fast at only 20 lbs with long skinny legs. We're working on lots of commands and I have a feeling that he knows most of them but is still deciding whether or not he would like to participate, haha. Anyway, I'm totally in love. Introducing Zimmie:

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Hi and Welcome !

Zimmie is precious, what an adorable face
Zimmie you little DEVIL!!! You are just SOOO ADORABLE.....

Welcome Jessi to our neighborhood, which spans two continents to date, I think... :) You've got a kind heart for taking that little baby in. Looking forward to more photos and stories.
Welcome Jessi & Zimmie!! He is just adorable!!
Welcome Jessi and Zimmie. Zimmie is a cute doodle.
Welcome Zimmie! (and your mommy!) You are so cute! And it looks like you had a lot of fun with the mail! I'm so glad you found a new home with such loving parents!
Welcome to Doodleland
What a little doll.............
Welcome to you and Zimmie!! Great post destruction shots. I believe she was framed one that cute could be destructive! :wink:
Zimmie you sweet little darling doodle with the happiest of smiles,
AWESOME job with the messy papers. Perhaps you'll be the new mailman in the house and junk mail shredder?

love the devil in those will definitely keep your parents from EVER getting BORED (maybe even having kids) hahhaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nice to meet you and welcome to our sweet funloving, informational and jokative forum.

Anyone else wondering if Zimmie will give JONAH some competition in the near future? hahahaaaaaaaaaaa
Max says Shreds to you

Hey im a shredder too.It keeps mama very busy,vacumming allllll the time.
Im 7 months old,and I have lots more shredding inside of me.hehe
Nothing is safe from my new teeth.yumm
Welcome Aboard the doodle Express.
Hello and Welcome, great pictures, can't wait to see more!
Zimmie is a cute little canine tornado! He's got an irresistible face! Welcome to the group!
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