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Your Labradoodle's Favourite Toys

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Hey everyone, I am getting very close to getting my very own Labradoodle thanks to all the awesome stories on this site. I just want to get myself a little better prepared first, so I have a question.

What kind of toys/games does your Labradoodle enjoy? I have helped raise a couple dogs that were different breeds and they are all different when it comes to how they want to play. I am aware that different labradoodles are going to play differently, but I am just looking to see what kind of stuff that people have tried with their dog so that when I get mine I can be more prepared with the types of toys I can offer it. Thanks in advance everyone :)

I have just went and bought a huge selection of dog toys as my new labradoodle is going to be here on the weekend! I am so excited! I know that this might be a big expense, so I have bought a lot of the toys on as I found a lot of people who were selling packaged toys that were bought at huge discounts and then they just resell them. Hopefully I won't have to re-list any of the toys I buy and my new puppy will love them all :)
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