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Your husband has a dream like this:

"I dreamt that we were living in an apartment,
again. Or maybe a duplex. We shared a large backyard with
the next door neighbors. It had been vacant and we
enjoyed the yard all to ourselves. Then the new neighbors
came in and they had two little toddlers.

You had gotten a new female to mate Chase with. You
had picked up a Velicoraptor off the internet! A
Velicoraptor is about a six foot tall dinosaur that was
quick, ruthless, intelligent. A skilled, bi-pedal pack
hunter with vicious talons about six inches long on its
legs and had fully functional arms and claws. But, you
figured that by combining it with Chasie, since it was a
reptile, that it would be a sweet, absolutely
non-allergenic and no-shedding! It would also be the perfect
guide dog/reptile as it would be smart, large and no
one would mess with the person it was leading!

But, since this was the creature that chased the
little kids in that dinosaur movie Jurassic Park, I worried
that it would eat the new kids next door before we
could breed her with CHase! Neither one of us knew the
cycle time for dinosuars and didn't know if the
offspring would come from eggs that were laid or emerge as
puppy/reptiles... YOu were calling them "puptiles" and
"dinodoodles". We had made our garage split level to
house the dogs and the reptile/dogs separately.

I would spend the evening taking balls of dogfood and
molding it into shapes of creatures that the
Velicoraptor would recognize so it would it the Science Diet
food. We decided it would be best to send it to a
guardian home even though it got along great with the
doggies -- except for Bayley who refused to have anything
to do with it.

I was worried that we would have to shoot it but was
fairly certain that there was some law somewhere
against shooting extinct animals...but you found a home in
Oregon and the dream ended well with us trying to stuff
it into the Ford!"

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hahaha...I know! When my hubbie emailed that to me, I asked if I could post it here. I knew that most of you would relate!
Goes to show that I am always talking about my dogs and that he is living proof of the possibilities! :lol:

I never thought of it becomming a story...or, better yet, a movie! Ha!

But, now that I think of it Vicky, we would have to insist on Chocolate! :wink:
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