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Yoda Doodle!

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Hi Everyone...! :D
Remember Star Wars? Well here's Yoda Doodle chewing up a storm on Molly's ears! When he get's wild, his ears turn inside out :? ha-ha...does that happen to anyone else?? ... 0_0973.jpg ... 0_0974.jpg ... 0_0976.jpg

And here's two pix of Raleigh early this morning....amazing how fast they grow!!! :shock: ... 0_0982.jpg ... 0_0993.jpg

Have a great weekend everyone!
Kathie,Rrrr-aleigh & Molly
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Thanks Linda! I don't know what I did wrong, but I wanted the actual pictures in the post...not the web address of each picture! :(
I did ok last time I posted pix...don't know what happened this time!
oh least you can see them!
And yes...I love the 'blue' opposed to 'ye;;ow'...ha-ha..early morning is my favorite time of day..
Thanks Linda,Sue,Annmarie and Jacque! We love them to pieces! and don't know what we did without Raleigh...he sure is loved by us and Molly!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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