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Winn Dixie has an ear infection

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Winn Dixie has an ear infection, and can't get in to see the dr. until Wed!!!!
He is suffering, not really scratching the ear, but holding his head to the side. He is not eating, and has runny stools! What can I do to help him until then?
Thanks SO much for your help.
Kay and Winn Dixie[/b]
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Our little 13 yr old poodle has had chronic ear infections and garlic oil has always help and soothed his ear rather quickly. If you have garlic cloves you can google online to see how you can make the oil. We purchase ours from the herbalist. Also mullen oil is really good to use
you can also put warm compresses on it.

if you can get some organic virgin coconut oil i would add that to his daily food .

heres a post that might help too.

"Clean out his ears using two parts water and one part white vinegar. Allow him to shake out the excess and make sure to get all the water out. Put the equivalent of 1/4 capsule of acidophilus into 1 ounce of water. Squirt the liquid deep into his ear with an eyedropper. Allow him to shake his head to remove the excess. The acidophilus helps remove the harmful bacteria and yeast out of the ear. You can use this treatment twice a day for one week and then repeat it periodically as a precaution against future infections. When dealing with yeast infections, avoid treats and supplements containing brewers yeast

Use sweet almond oil for excessive wax in the ear canal. Flush the ear with the oil and massage the ear canal to work it in deeply. If the ear is painful, alternate the almond oil with aloe vera juice. Use the liquid from the leaves of the aloe vera plant. You can also use the homeopathic remedy Silicea 30C for dogs with recurrent ear inflammation and excessive wax production or fluid."

Not very traditional however i have even ear candled my poodles ear however he loves to have the spa treatment and just lays there

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and you would only need a tiny bit. HOnestly will work quicker then antibiotics.

For my dogs AND my kids I've used Tea Tree oil drops for ear infections. It soothes the discomfort, kills the infection and works as well but usually quicker than oral antibiotics. Youc an buy it at WalMart... heat to bathwater temp, put a couple drops in the ear twice a day. It smells like Eucalyptus, but that's the worst aspect of it.
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