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Willing to try to Resue a Doodle

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My husband and I live in the Chicagoland area. In February we had to put down our 13.5 year old Chow. She was the joy of our lives, and a precious grand-dog to my parents. My husband is fairly allergic to most dogs, but did very well with our Chow. Hoping a Doodle dog will work for him too. I originally wanted to look for a puppy. As I think about this... we haven't had a puppy in long time! We both work full time but most of our spare time revolved around our pup. Our dog was walked daily and went everywhere with us. My parents live only 5 miles from us so they are able to stop by and help out as needed.

Is anyone aware of a Chicagoland doodle rescue group? Thanks Tracie
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Tracie welcome to the forum! There is a rescue group through IDOG.BIZ Shannon is on of the contacts and lives in Illinois. There is also a post about a doodle in a shelter in WI. I believe this is the post

Good Luck and please let us know how your search goes and of course photos!
Annmarie you must have been typing as I was!!!! I took time to find the post about Charlie in WI!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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