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1. I love them!!!!!

2. I remind myself of #1 when the puppy pees on the floor
3. I really love when they had a pooping contest the 1st week they're together.
4. I love waking up in the middle of the night to walk a puppy in sub zero temps--hwhat i calll a real eye opener
5. I love picking up poopsicles after work
6. I love tripping over their toys
7. I love flexible spending savings from my paycheck for their NEW toys
8. I love bathing them due to doodle drool
9. I love when they knock into my shins instead of each other
10. I love when they nip my shins instead of the other's legs
11. I love not being able to have 2 matching socks anymore
12. I love WalMart and Sam's Clubs prices on socks
13. I love my dining room table being moved around as i can see how it looks on the other side of the room.
14. I love hearing clicking teeth as it reminds me of mexican dancers with those wooden things in their hands
15. I love when they nap for at least a half hour
16 I Would love being being able to MOVE when they nap
17. I love never having dull moment
18 I love watching them play
19I love how my floors no longer need vacuuming as 2 doodles suck up crumbs better than any vacuum cleaner money can buy
19 I love how close they are
20 LASTLY, i just Love Loving them :D :D :D and how they love us back unconditionally.

15,203 Posts
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gene said:
You forgot, I love to watch my hair turn grey and I love loosing the last of my sanity! :oops:
''uh 3 teenagers already accomplished that BEFORE i dot 2 doodles :wink:
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