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why are you all nice?

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every breeder (except one) has been SO mean
to me because I wanted to breed Doodles.

I just found this site and I am reading as many posts as I can
and you all seem so nice. I have had to figure out everything
on my own so far with the help of one very fabulous book and
a whole lot of common sense and intuition, but I still have few questions....
(besides why are you all so nice!!)

advertising and what do they look like when they are older
based on what they are like now are my two main questions
now. any experts (or patient breeders) here?

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Good morning, M...I agree, people on this forum are all very nice...this is where I learned much of what I know, along with other forums (which I am happy to share with you.)
My belief is that when people want to breed dogs and they are asking for help to do it responsibly, I want to help them. Otherwise, they might stumble into some mistakes that would cause their puppies/breeding stock/clients to suffer. If we help one another, we improve the breed. We also gain a lot from networking with other breeders...and we all started somewhere.
I have had my two F1 Labradoodles for nearly 2 years now and I was simply lucky to find dogs that tested well and became such great mothers to my litters...because I was clueless...I did find some mentors, mostly people who were fairly new at breeding but who had good resources to share with me. And many times, just someone to bounce ideas off of is very helpful. You want someone to be honest with you, but not find that honesty here.
Other forums are rather "protective" of their "own" and won't welcome someone who doesn't already have some standing in the Labradoodle community. I think that I understand that now, however, because often times people are baiting the members of the forum. (Many people hate breeders when they intentionally cross breeds as we are doing.)
So, you will find both...nice, helpful people and harsh, judgmental you do most everywhere...but here, on this forum, it is not acceptable and most people with that point of view soon realizes that their beliefs are not being embraced.
So, you have, indeed, come to the right place!
Now, about your questions...the coats with Labradoodles will vary from generation to generation and breeder to breeder. Why? Because of the breeder's knowledge and selection of breeding stock. Sometimes the breeder has to know a lot about, breeding, dogs, training, genetics, medicine, communication, health, etc. and when they don't they struggle to produce a consistent dog with particular traits.
There is so much more to this than putting two dogs together and selling the babies! LOL
Although many will accuse you of doing just that...they will say that profit is the bottom line...but, judging from your posts, I believe you sincerely care and want to do the right things in the right ways. You will find help here.
Advertising is a pretty intense I will contact you privately to offer some suggestions.
I am glad that you found this forum...and also glad that you appreciate it! :D
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I sent a private message, but it isn't showing as being sent to if you get more than one, forgive me! If you don't get it, contact me via PM and I'll send you the info via regular email (if you give me your email address so that I can.)
Jac is so right in many many ways. But we do try here to help not only the breeders but the buyers as well.

One thing I can say about coat type and this might sound not right to some but in talking with some of the other breeders I network with we have come to learn you mate a dog watch the coats if they are not what you wanted or expected don't mate that pair again it's hard very hard but trust me it is the wrong thing to do to keep trying with the same pair it won't be different the 2nd time around with the same pair. :roll: Try another stud with her and see if the coats are better if that doesn't work then you have to step back and think is it my female then it really gets hard. PM me anytime and I'll help with your questions also. :)
Welcome, we are glad to have you on board :) There are never too many doodle lovers. Jac and Linda have given you some very good advice. There's not much I can add at this moment but just know we are here to lend a shoulder when needed. You will get lots of good advice here and you will learn a lot. Drop in often :)
Hi guys..... abbout coats. I tried to familiarize myself via ILA with the breed standard and the coats. My doodle F1 is slightly wiry but otherwise great. They suggested breeding him and I think it worked very very well, but between the pups there are different appearences. Now mind you they are 4 weeks old. My pretty apricot boy is very very curly as is a solid black female. They have been since the very beginning. Otheres that were wavy are turning curly and my two bone straight (one female black and one male chalk are now starting to wave)

I guess I am wondering how curly are my wavy ones gonna be ;)

and if the pups arent ALL super curly is it still ok to breed these two again?

I have people that actually bought the straighter ones because they prefer that, but of course the two curlys were also aong the first 4 to go.

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Probably what you will want to do is to track this litter and find out how the coats become as they age... are they soft? Do they shed? Any allergy problems? Once you know that, you can sort of judge your next litter accordingly.
I breed F1Bs as well, and my really curly puppies turn out to have sort of fluffy coats, not curly...and my wavy coated babies tend to have thick, lush loose waves...and I had one that looked just like a Lab! He was the first one purchased, and the one most people wanted...but he did shed...and the buyers knew that when they got him.
Hey M~ I think I can answer why we are "nice" :
we respect each other! We see ourselves as colleagues more than competition. We're all different, but we all have good standards and different approaches and timing to our puppies.

If someone is just wanting to recover the cost of their Doodle with one litter, and that's it, then you might not see the respectful side of us! :wink: That's not the sign of someone who's going to do the work required to offer sound healthy puppies.

As Jacque said if someone is really wanting to be a responsible breeder they'll find help and support here. We won't do the work of researching for you - none of the other forums will offer that either. But support? sure. is a site that lists what testing a responsible "quality" breeder will do for their puppies by the way. You might like to check it out.
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Jac said:
Probably what you will want to do is to track this litter and find out how the coats become as they age... are they soft? Do they shed? Any allergy problems? Once you know that, you can sort of judge your next litter accordingly.
I breed F1Bs as well, and my really curly puppies turn out to have sort of fluffy coats, not curly...and my wavy coated babies tend to have thick, lush loose waves...and I had one that looked just like a Lab! He was the first one purchased, and the one most people wanted...but he did shed...and the buyers knew that when they got him.
great info..... I thought the straighter lab like ones would shed - Lord knows my F1 sheds!! I told my buyers if they really wanted as non shedding as possible to go curly. I think I have done right. I have asked some of the parents to send pics for the first year. I want to see how they turn out!!
maureen, thanks what a great site that is. I am going to get all those tests done. my vet will make a mint off me if he hasn't already!
and then we will have the soundest pups :) and the cutest :)
(to me but equal to everyone else here!)

Bingo! You've got it! :wink:

About the can only tell people what you have experienced and heard, what you have researched...that is why it is all so important.

You do what I do...I tell people that my F1s shed...but that so far, only had one F1B shedder...the little Lab boy! (But he made up for it in charm and personality!)

I always tell them that there are no promises about the is just too iffy when you are at this stage in the breeding process. If they want certainity (well, close to it) then they need a Aussie Multigen.
about shedding: my research would say that the coarser-coated puppies at 6wks or later could be your best candidates for shedding. There's a uniformly fine texture that more resembles a poodle coat that seems to shed less, if at all.

I invite people to feel, by rolling in their fingers, our poodles' coats, and then the puppy coats.

does that conflict with anyone else?
Here is something to add, while the topic of shedding has been brought much is too much shedding for a doodle that is more lab appearance??? ok, maybe thats not the right question!! I have white tile in my kitchen and by the end of the day its literally covered in black fur. I bought a shop vac, and that has helped better than a regular vaccum with clogging. Oh, and he is brushed daily. Some days I just think he sheds way too much!!!
Maureen...I absolutely agree...Chase's coat was soft as silk as a baby, and it is still so wonderful to touch...and my F1 girls have coarse coats...our F1Bs have all had extremely soft coats...except for the little Lab look alike!

Brooke, unfortunately it is really hard to say. It could be that you have a shedder and it could could also be that it is the puppy coat, which changes periodically...our F1s shed a lot when they were young, but now that they are over 2 years old, they only shed a little.

That's the thing about genetics and breeding can always have a throwback and f1s are exactly a 50/50 cross, so you could get the Labrador coat...shedding and all. F1Bs cross back to the Poodle, making them 75/25 and you have a better chance of Poodle qualities.
Dakota is a "Labbie" Labradoodle and, at 6 months, he does shed. But NOTHING like my last two labs!
Diane (and Dakota)
That is so true, Diane...sometimes people don't think of that and even though F1s shed, it is rare to have them shed as much as a Lab!
I have a boxy headed black lab and a poodle and a F1. I think my F1 may shed a little less than the lab, but I still have a black fur covered floor after one day also!!!

So now that the pups are 6 weeks I am learning the coat differences
(and with all the information here) soft coats are not shedding be it curly or straighter. coarser wooly coats are already shedding a little.

I noticed a little on a black shirt from my cream wooly pup and started
testing my theory by pulling the hair (gently!) by their bottoms. and voila... a few hairs. I share with my new owners what I know and what I have learned and everything is going very well so far.
You know, that is the main thing...sharing with the new owners. I think that the only problem comes in when people think they are buying non-shedding if they expect some shedding, they aren't so disappointed if it happens.
And, you will learn from each litter...I have only had 2 litters and I have so much to learn about their coats and their adult growth rate and such.
How true, it is a never ending learning process and it is sooooo important to be honest with your buyers :)
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