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Ok mr mamma's boy , usually always listens, performs OB commands like a champ, waits for the release work before touching food in his bowl,
potties on command, stays off furniture, only comes on my bed by invitation only as good as gold 95% of the time

well seems MR MAX at 21mos old has decided once to TRICK Dave and my 16yr old son lately hahahhaha
they go near the door trying to put on his leash, Max breaks loose

does a minimum of 5 to 6 doodles runs around the house and out back ingoring them as if he were born deaf hahahaa
I stand at a window , see this black blur having the time of his life
racing at speeds of over 100MPH,
I then go to the door and say BYE MAX , shut door.

Max comes running to door, open it and he immediately runs to his crate and stays there hahaaa gotta lov it! Max gives himself a timeout
about 10min later while i am still laughing, i coax Max back out

then tell my son and Dave how GOOD MAX is! :shock:
come one, he did come back for me (not them) and he punished himself to the crate

anyone else have a doodle like this? hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

some days :roll:

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that is funny :)

As you know, Dex is a month behind Max so he's in a "good" stage...for now. He is actually listening much better than usual...we'll see what happens in a month (or never know with him).
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