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That piece was biased and written by a "humaniac." Those people usually have tunnel vision and push for laws that will outlaw any and all breeding of dogs. They would like even small hobby breeders with only 3 dogs to be licensed by USDA.

I would agree that 1000 puppies a year from one breeder comes from a "mill." However, many single breed dog breeders have more puppies per year than some that have multiple breeds and offer 100 puppies per year or less. Just depends on the breeding program, number of bitches, puppies per litter, and how often each dog is bred...

People will write things like the aforementioned article, but we just have to remember that this is a democratic society, so we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Make sure you vote when legislation like PAWS hits the ballots or you may find it increasingly difficult to buy a purebred or hybrid dog due to legislative control over canine husbandry. Protect your rights with your voting voice or your rights might be taken away!

Did I just get on a political soapbox? Not my normal style, but it seemed appropriate with this article!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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