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Ok i'l admit, to-date i've done a pretty good job keeping on who's got what doodle, who's new, and who's new and waiting to get a doodle, and who's waiting to adopt a rescue doodle

BUT I thought to set the record straight, we could all say
our name and our doodles ........THANK YOU

annmarie (aka Max and Me)...3 doodles
Max (black),
Peanut (cream)
Beau (red)

PS YES include non-doodles too :D

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Debbie Brown (obviously DebBrown)
Charlie, black labradoodle almost 10 months
Lucky, brown labbie foster labradoodle, probably 9 months

Who knew there would be so many Charlie doodles? LOL! My Charlie was named after my granddaughter. Before she was born, we called her Charlie. Unfortunately, her mom picked a girlie name for her but I was always hung up on the name Charlie. :D


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Wendy AKA Winderdoodle.

My screen name is (oddly enough) the nickname a good friend gave me long before I ever had a Labradoodle. It's caught on and I've been Winderdoodle to my friends for years.

Noodle - White female doodle

Oops, forgot to add all the Non-Doodles that are in my family!!! :oops:

You ready for this?

Pete - 5 yr old Lhasa Apso
CeCe - 13ish yr old blind Lhasa Apso
Buttons - Brown Mustang horse
Molly - Charcoal/Brown Appaloosa Horse
Sunny - Palomino Quarter Horse
Chips - Black Barn Cat
Salsa - Calico Barn Cat

Maya 8 month old yellow/white markings NAR (north american retriever---labraddodleXgoldendoodle)
Morgan 9 year old gray white cat

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Kristin (the mom)
Annie (the human child)
Sandy - 1 1/2 year old cream F2 doodle
Iris - 1 1/2 year old chocolate F1
Maggie 1 year old black F1

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Greg, AKA Maddjaxx, and Marley, an 8 month old apricot (with creamy white spots) F1B.

:D And of course my bride of 13 years(Dec 30th) Kathy!! :D
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