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Which Doodle cuddly? Size & temperament?

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We are considering a doodle, probably a mini. Are mini golden doodles, mini australian labradoodles, and mini labradoodles cuddly? If yes, which is more? Do the minis differ in temperament from the larger sizes?
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Well, I peronally do not have a mini, I have a medium sized Labradoodle (almost 40 lbs) with one amazing temperament. She'll chase the ball like crazy one minute, and the next minute she's snuggling with me on the couch :D. I will share with you though that we originally were searching for a mini doodle. I talked to one breeder who does breed the minis and she told me straight up that the minis have the same temperament as other small dogs and not necessarily the same as the medium and large doodles. I do think that's a bit stereotypical but I grew up with a variety of breeds of small dogs so I kind of get what she means. That is when we decided to go with the mediium sized :) No offense to anyone with a mini, I think they are darling and equally as sweet, but hopefully someone on here with a mini will chime in and tell you. My daughter's friend has a mini Labradoodle, he's only 5 months old but he is the sweetest little dog ever!! He didn't make a peep when we rang the doorbell and was just sooooo cute and sweet, I instantly fell in love with him! Good luck with your search!
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My Malcolm is a mini doodle. He does NOT have small dog syndrome and he isn't like other small dog breeds I've seen. He is snuggly, but I will say maybe not as snuggly as my labrador was.

Anyway, Mal is very outgoing and playful and very smart. When I was looking I knew I would either get a mini or a medium sized doodle. When I was talking to the breeder she told me that the mini doodles were much like the medium or large doodles in temperament. I think she was mostly right about that as far as Malcolm is concerned at least. He's 8 months old now. I've never had a dog this small, but I wouldn't trade him for anything :)
I also have medium doodles and both love to cuddle and play all day long. They really having amazing personalities and I don't think I'll ever have another dog as awesome as these two
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