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When U see this...then you know

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when you SEE THIS

then YOU KNOW you're going to see this
(Backyard @ 6:45am today)

east side property line



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Gorgeous pictures Annmarie! I miss seeing the geese fly south and hearing them at night as they fly overhead. I now live where they fly to!

What does Beau think of snow? Can't wait to see your doodle snow pictures!
Annmarie ... Beautiful! :) :D :) :D
WOW! Stunning...I really think you need to contact National Geographic Magazine with these pics!
Absolutely gorgeous.....................
I measured just a bit ago and we have had 5" of snow so far today, with another 3" predicted. Then it's supposed to warm up and sleet and freezing rain are supposed to fall. Oh JOY!

We're all home safe and sound, stocked up because we heard it was coming, and plan to sit it out.

Winter weather has arrived in Wisconsin.
Annmarie.....all I can say is BREATH TAKING!! :D
Beautiful! You have a great eye for photography that's for sure!

What part of Rochester do you live in? I know people in Chili and Spencerport!
I'm impressed! You really know how to frame a picture. I particularly liked the grass seed heads with the beautiful reflection. That picture could hang in a gallery. It would look great as wallpaper or desktop background.
Dave and I need all the great compliments. as we are learning to use our new Camera Olympus e510...they're all done in auto for now with different lenses we have.
I have yet to do SLR and raw images......

So for now with my design background I drive Dave nuts cropping them and playing with all the photo editing options. i have always wanted to do photography as a hobby :D

Dreamer chili and spencerport is 2o minutes northwest of me ...i am one town south of henrietta...called Rush/Mendon
Beautiful! You really need to frame the second to last pic. It's gorgeous!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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