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When is the proper time to breed

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Should I breed my dog Before,after or durring heat?
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Zoey, is your dog in heat now? I have been looking through your posts to find the answers for these questions...
Have you tested her? Have you selected a stud? Has the stud been tested? Have you made sure that your dog and the stud are clear of Brucellosis? Do you know what to do if something goes wrong? How will you find good homes for the pups? Do you own breeding rights?
These are far more important things to discover than the time to breed. I may be jumping the gun because you have not said that you are actually breeding Zoey. But if you are considering breeding I strongly suggest that you do a lot of research before you do.
There is so much involved than when to breed and after your dog is bred you only have 2 months before you are delivering pups. Yes, YOU are delivering them because if anything goes wrong, your sweet dog could die and so could all of the pups.
I have learned over the years that this is a tough business to be in.
Please find out more about breeding before you make the decision.
If you are helping to create pups, please do so responsibly.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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