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When is the proper time to breed

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When is it the right time to breed your labradoodle? Before, after or during heat?
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i know for me searching and reading previous posts has helped me learn
and Reinforce WHY I am TESTING Beau and then deciding if he'll be studded out but at the same time i am making sure i know both sides of breeding thus, i work closely with my own breeder for the past year.
almost like an apprenticeship role.
Luckily she lives down the road from me. (that max, peanut and beau came from). so i get to share in all phases of breeding.
i love it! :D

AND we have also had some newbie breeders or those wanting to breed that come in and out like a breeze trying to get much info as possible and some do not intend to do testing at all and others didn't realize they should test to ensure health temperament and intelligence.

what's the saying 10% genius, 90% hard work
you get my drift hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So if the tone has changed it could be this forum has grown tremendously with numerous questions asked , some redundantly, and other times
it's hard to keep up hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ps check your dates hahhaa i know i once answered an old post that no one realized was unanswered for months hahahaaaaaaaaa
we all got a good laugh
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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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