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When is the proper time to breed

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When is it the right time to breed your labradoodle? Before, after or during heat?
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For those of you who have PM'd Jonathan with congratulatory notes, I sincerely wish you would share your opinions with us. If we are offensive toward you, I would like to know how and if so, I would like to apologize or clarify. You are certainly entitled to PM each other and to complain about the advice given but it isn't very helpful or productive.
Still, whether or not you have a million positive PMs, Jonathan, I wish to go PUBLICLY on record as being very offended by your comments and my offense stems from your attack on Linda who has been at this forum, helping me and others for YEARS. She has guided me and helped me in my breeding program.
Helping someone is not the same thing as giving blind advice without questioning someone's motives for breeding.
Many of us have been working, literally, for years trying to help educate people interested in breeding. So, it is a bit frustrating when someone comes on the forum, with all of the available information, and asks a question that we have already answered a bunch of times. Still, we try to read between the lines and decide whether or not we can feel good about helping a particular person learn how to become a breeder. It is OUR choice and we base our decisions on many factors. You don't have to agree with it, but it would be professional courtesy to make a polite first attempt to question a response that has been given.
Linda may not have answered as you felt she should, but she did answer. No one serving on this forum promises to be an encyclopedic reference desk for new breeders.
Now, that would not be the only reason that we don't give detailed information. Off hand, I would say that we are not here to promote breeding (to help breeders, yes, but not to promote breeding when someone blindly comes along and wants to get into breeding without taking rudimentary steps to find out what it is about). This is not a responsible thing to do.
Still, if someone is truly interested in breeding, they will come to us with very serious questions and when we are not comfortable answering them, wholesale, we send a private message and invite the person to contact us, even giving our phone number, if we believe that the person is seriously interested in learning.
I don't wish to be rude to Zoey on this thread, she is a sweet girl and I will apologize for what I am about to say...but when someone is thinking of breeding and doesn't even know when, within the breeding cycle, to mate the dogs, and when this is the first question about breeding...well, it is reasonable to believe that this person is not ready to be a breeder!
Once someone has completed the basic research, we do help...but before we jump in to help, we ask questions. We want to know that we are helping a breeder who has purchased breeding rights from their breeder. So often people buy intact animals on a spay/neuter contract and ignore that contract and breed the dog. We do not want to help that type of, yes, we ask questions, "Do you have breeding rights?" "Are you prepared to test your animals?" "What do you know about breeding?"
Why? Because these things are basic. They are questions easily answered by someone who has done research.
Too many people are trying to jump onto the "get rich by breeding Doodle" bandwagon and they need a reality one in this business that I know of is fact, many are operating in the red.
I don't believe it is responsible to answer breeding questions without addressing the important moral obligation issues first.
You may disagree, that is fine...but to make a blanket attack on us because we do not publicly post everything we know about breeding is not only rude, but very inaccurate. If you were to check the archives, you would probably find answers to every type of breeding question.
When you have put as much information into this forum as Linda, Diane, Ann Marie and others, then we may be more tolerant of your attitude...but until then, when you seem to have no clue as to how much these people have given to the forum readers, your attack seems insensitive and certainly unwarranted.
Finally, I must say that I reviewed your posts to see how often you pitch in to answer important breeding questions...I found none. What I did find was a lot of self promoting of your litters, your puppies and your program.
As you have mentioned there are many highlighted sticky notes placed prominently to explain the rules of this forum. Maybe you should go back and read them before you bash people who have a history in this forum for helping.
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Hi Vicky...
No, Zoeybear didn't ask for breeding help, only an answer to her question...and it is possible, I suppose, that there was nothing more to it (although it begs the question, why ask?) still, the post from Zoeybear was dormant for a very long time until Jonathan decided to blindside Linda for her response.
Considering that Linda has been the backbone of this forum (along with Diane) I felt that, as a long-time benefactor to Linda's guidance, I wanted to stand up for her AND I felt that it was necessary.
I am sorry if this offended you or anyone else reading the posts.
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