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When is the proper time to breed

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When is it the right time to breed your labradoodle? Before, after or during heat?
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Is there anything in Zoeybear's post that says she was going to breed anything? It looks to me like she was just asking a simple question, requiring a simple answer. Or no response. But jeepers, this thread has taken on a life of its own.

No, I am not one that PMd Jonathon.
Hi Jac, I didn't notice the dates until you mentioned it. I don't know why Jonathon brought it up now either.

I also remember way back, and there were a lot of questions asked from budding breeders back then too. However, I don't remember the answers having the same tone as what I have been reading lately. (Not Linda's particularly but answers in general)

I have also noticed several new breeders posting that have bred litters and have not yet had their breeding stock tested, etc.. That is very frustrating, so I do understand the breeders' response. I just think there may be a hair trigger on the response is all. In the Zoeybear example, perhaps asking if she was intending to breed, or similar conversation before assuming that was the intent, and launching into the "speech" :wink: might have a friendlier reception.

Just my thoughts on all this.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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