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When is the proper time to breed

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When is it the right time to breed your labradoodle? Before, after or during heat?
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JohnathonD........i do have a question for you and others either been breeding and/or new to breeding. Does anyone consult their vets?
does anyone buy or go to library and take out books to read?

OR let's now serve out some of those yummy worms.
What gives anyone the right to get upset if the answer of a question isn't answered the way you expect

2.Johnathon you just bred a litter.........can you give zoeybear1 a proper answer????????

3. also i know zoey is trying to learn but perhaps reading a bit more and finding out before breeding is the way to learn.
or maybe i am oldfashioned in the fact that i do tons of research, read till my eyeballs hang down to my knees, and then ask a question if i am still confused.

OK here's a way to get an answer quickly
here's a search i did and found several answers in seconds ... lz=1I7SUNA

i have done soem hard earned research the past year AFTER all this i might come here to ask a question for curiousity sake or comparison sake
but i do NOT expect anyone to take years of experience and hand it over to make my life easier.

Genetics: reviewed and learnd on own and i'll share some but NOT all info as i want others to do homework and challenge my brain with their thinking.
BREEDING........OMG some nights my eyes were burning and i also have spent 15mos with a doodle breeder as well.
STUDDING with collection etc...........on my own here
TESTING..........tons of research , tons of calls to vets and penn hip vets along with calling OFA
Contracts: my OWN work as if i am to have a business i need to have a business and marketing plan

POINT: i found your answer a bit defensive and YES we all try to help
but maybe like a good teacher we ask the pupil to study a bit and then come back and ask again.

Lastly ........there are OVER a year's worth of posts on this forum by many breeders and possibly this topic has been discussed numerous times
and a search may provide NOT only the answers but additional info on breeding and whelping too.

Zoey is in no way against you honey........i was just trying to make a point as when to exactly breed a bitch in heat there are differring answers though here's one

"At around 10 to 12 days after going into heat the bitch will be ready to stand and hold. You start to count the days at the first signs of blood discharge. Each dog is different; therefore, get to know your dog, how she acts, changes in temperament, and the amount of discharge because day one might actually be day three. You will know your timing is right by the willingness of the bitch. When the bitch is ready the discharge will often change from a dark red to more of a tan color so you can watch for this signal as well. Try to place the bitch and stud together several days and several times throughout the heat period up to about the tenth day.
OK anyone else care to eat some worms with me hahaa :D
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Johnathan i don't breed dams so i can't answer the above question
but i however DID provide an answer via links and a quote

and I thought since you are a breeder with successful litters that you could have provided an answer to zoey. or any others that might read this posting down the line when they conduct a search to learn just such a question.

I understood your point but i guess it came across boldly? then again on the internet one cannot see facial expressions and hear voice inflections so the typed word can lose it's true meanings at time and my point was
if gracie didnt' answer i thought possibly you could.

I only know from what i've read and seeing the natural breedings of my breeders dogs which occurs more than one time.
I ONLY have a spayed female in my house

For me when i see a female backing up with the tail held high,
ok that is one time that just may be right.
otherwise i only have a spayed female so i can't count the days

and reading is the START to learning, even in schools to get degrees many have to read first , then ask, then do trial and error thus leading to experience

Johnathon did you learn to breed ? as many i know either grew up with it or did much research and yes asked a ton of questions from other breeders
and the rest is from trial and error of a daily breeding business with help from others more experienced.

I am not here to argue rather to learn like many others and when i can i share. breeding bitches in heat is not my area, whelping is.
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the original post is from AUG 2007..........6mos has past
and this post was we're sitting here

Those worms were sure full of protein...anyone got anthing to wash them down with now? hahahhaaaaaaa
there's always two sides to every coin which is why it makes life interesting and enables us opportunities to learn. :D

if we all agreed all the time......wouldn't life be boring?

and if anyone finds out which came 1st the chicken or the egg,
can you PM me please :D
i know for me searching and reading previous posts has helped me learn
and Reinforce WHY I am TESTING Beau and then deciding if he'll be studded out but at the same time i am making sure i know both sides of breeding thus, i work closely with my own breeder for the past year.
almost like an apprenticeship role.
Luckily she lives down the road from me. (that max, peanut and beau came from). so i get to share in all phases of breeding.
i love it! :D

AND we have also had some newbie breeders or those wanting to breed that come in and out like a breeze trying to get much info as possible and some do not intend to do testing at all and others didn't realize they should test to ensure health temperament and intelligence.

what's the saying 10% genius, 90% hard work
you get my drift hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So if the tone has changed it could be this forum has grown tremendously with numerous questions asked , some redundantly, and other times
it's hard to keep up hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ps check your dates hahhaa i know i once answered an old post that no one realized was unanswered for months hahahaaaaaaaaa
we all got a good laugh
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