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When is the proper time to breed

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When is it the right time to breed your labradoodle? Before, after or during heat?
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Ok....I thought I remembered something on this....she posted this on three different categories at the same time, and yes she is either in HS or younger. Other postings were responded to...... ... ght=#48151 ... ght=#48150

A lot of us who were active on the forum at this time realized that her puppy was just that....a puppy, and that she was very young. Her puppy was 17 weeks old a month before she posted this.

I'm sorry this turned into a big fiasco.....but this original post was from August, and if anyone who was here then with a problem on the response, or lack there of...why wait til now to voice your opinion?? Just curious......

Also, it didn't stop her from posting if you check her postings after this
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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