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When is the circus in town?

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I think they moght be interested in Dulcie. She can climb over and crawl under just about anything - no matter how much we try and change things and stop her, and has now taken to not only jumping in peoples baths - whether they are in in or not! She also sniffs out toothpaste & mouthwash, and we have to watch out on walks she tries to eat the chewing gum of the the pavement. But her most dangerous feats have gone from eating the coal out of the fire - not usually waiting for them to cool down to now finding where we store lightbulbs, getting through the boxes and other packaging to eat them! I have now removed any such things from her and hope thats the end of it. Its really strange, as she is so well behaved most of the time and leave all the kids toys alone (although colured crayons have come though the other end at times) , computer cables etc, so in those ways we have been really lucky. But if anyone knows the attraction of lightbulbs for her to go to so much trouble to get one to eat, I'd love to know.
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Yikes! :shock:
That little stinker!!
She must have some Lab in her... :wink:
My dogs ate just about everything...but they have never eaten light bulbs!
That must have been very frightening...I hope that she stays away from those things...she can get very sick, as I am sure you do have your work cut out for you!
Good luck!
Wow. After your first few sentences I was envious as it sounded as though you have an agility dog. But as your tale went on- wow. Light bulbs?!?!? She is a rascal. You are going to have to be so careful about what she can access. Have you gotten her a buster box yet? It occupies Toby for a really long time.
Dulcie MUST be related to my old lab. We left her in our basement one afternoon (this was years ago) and she managed to get into our Christmas decorations. She popped every single one of my mom's glass Christmas oranament balls from Neiman Marcus. Popped them... we don't think she ate them, just made them pop. The light bulbs must have had a similar appeal to it. Definately call the circus! Tell them that you have an amazing dog and I have a bearded lady (of the dog variety)!! Good luck!

Bridget and Summer
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