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What will his coat be like once he’s fully grown?

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Hi all!! It’s been a week since I got my puppy. I’m new to this breed and have a few questions! My boy, East is 10 weeks old he’s a standard F1 labradoodle. He’s a chocolate color with gorgeous green eyes! His coat is currently straight with several waves, some areas on his body are coarse but his coat is really thick! Will this change? The breader said she thinks he’ll be really wavy but I’m not sure he only has several waves around his body. Also, I was reading about furnishings but I’m not sure if my pup has them? I just hope his color stays the same I love his chocolate color


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Possibly Wavy but it's hard to say because it takes time for the curls to develop my pup now is 4 months old and when we got him he had very little wave in his coat but after a while he has develop full waves, it all just depends on how his coat looks after each bath as well if you notice more waves after each bath he will most likely be wavy

-hope this helps
The coat of your Labradoodle very much depends on what generations the parents are from. My Labradoodle has a Labrador Mum & a Poodle Dad, and is, therefore, the first-generation Labradoodle…… his coat is more Lab than Doodle, except when he is wet when his coat goes all curly!
The coat of your Labradoodle is heavily influenced by the parents' generation. geometry dash scratch
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