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Dakota was a real pill last night in class. :shock: He wouldn't do anything for me! Not even sit! :oops: Well, he would with great effort on my part. I did get him into a sit stay for the park it exercise (I put his bed in the middle of the area, about ten feet away from him and call him to "park it. The idea is he goes to his bed and lies down.) Well, when I called him to "park it" he came at his bed at full doodle speed and slid into it like he was sliding into home plate! He actually slid his bed several feet! :roll: The problem is, he was drawing a crowd. He was such a clown, he had an audience gathering outside the training area to watch him! :roll: Talk about positive reinforcement for bad behavior! People actually waited until class was over so they could meet him! They think he's soooo cute. What a night!
Diane (and Dakota)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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