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What is your go-to dog food for sensitive stomachs?

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One of my dogs has a sensitive stomach, and I still haven't found a food that truly works for him. It has been a long process as I try to give them time to see how he transitions. He doesn't ever have accidents in the house, but when he poops it starts more solid/firm and gets softer towards the end. Sometimes it's just very soft. Other times, like yesterday at lunch, it ends with diarrhea-like consistency and it takes him awhile to feel like he's "finished". So, time for a change.

Right now he is eating Horizon Complete All Life Stages dry food for breakfast/dinner. Lunch is Wellness Core Grain-Free Original.

Yesterday I bought a bag of Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain-Free to transition him to. I like the idea of finding him a consistent breakfast/dinner food that he does well on and rotating lunch, but right now my focus is simply finding something that he tolerates.

Fecal has been clean in the past, although he hasn't been tested recently (he's a rescue and had roundworms when he came to me). He's on monthly heartworm preventative (Sentinel, which also covers round/hook/whip worms). I added diatomaceous earth in an effort to maybe clear anything else up. No change with that and he's been getting it probably 2 months.

What foods have you had success with?
What ingredients are common irritants that I should try to remove or avoid?
Any other suggestions on things I could try or am missing?

Oh, and he'll literally eat anything. He's not picky at all!
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