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What I learned

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I have been gone for a few weeks so I thought I would fill you all in what I learned about Maya these last couple weeks.

Background...My Grandma had stomach cancer and I was going back to Cleveland OH to help take care of her. My Mom is an only child and my Grandpa is 85 so they needed some help. Grandma became completely bedridden and they needed someone there 24/7 and since I can work from home it worked out.

Anyway....I was learly about bringing the "monkey" but I couldn't board her since I didn't know exactly how long I'd be gone. So Maya and I drove up to Cleveland and lived with Gram and Gramp for 2 weeks. Maya as always was great in the car on the way up. Once we got to Gram and Gramps house I was scared to let her in Gram's room since she would most likely just jump on the bed and settle in. I let her come in and it was as if she just know she had to be on her best behavior. No monkey antics at all. In fact I had to lift her front half on the bed once so Gram could pet her and as soon as Gram was done she got down and sat nice next to the bed. Maya would come in with me everytime I went in the room and when I baby gated her out she would sit be the door and whine softly. It was really cute to watch. Gram finally passed away 2 weeks ago this Sat. I was so glad I brought Maya as she provided entertainment, laughs, and so much love to the whole family during such a trying time.

Oh and for her efforts Maya came home with 2 new dog bowls and a new dog bed. Pics of her in the bed with her buddy Tucker to follow this weekend.

Sorry this is so long I am just so proud and humbled by my girl. They really are man's best friend.

PS I have not responded to all the different posts but I have tried to read as many as possible. Dex I am glad you are more eating things you shouldn't. As always the Ohio trio has provided great pics and stories. Miko did you ever get that squirrel? Annmarie get better soon. Tyke, AB and Bogie you guys are just too cute. And to all others great pics and stories.

PPS I found out Maya is defiantely a southern dog. She hated the snow. I had to literally carry her outside and get back in the door and shut it to keep her out there to go potty. She only had one accident when there was a big snow the night before and she absolutely refused to go outside.

Here's a pic of Maya and Gram. This is from when My was first brought came home in Aug. 2007 (the other dog is my brother's)

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What a sweet story about how GOOD maya is!!
I'm sorry about your grandma, hon. I'm so glad they had a chance to meet!
Take care.....You're a good grandaughter! (((((((((HUGS)))))))))
So sorry for your loss Heather.

What a good girl Maya!!

Glad to have you both back!
Very sorry for your loss Heather..........and such a wonderful story
about your Doodle
(((((((((((heather and maya)))))))))))))))))
i am sorry to hear of your grandmother passing and everyone's loss in your family.
yet at the same time you told such a heartwarming story about you and maya that it made me smile at the same time. The love you and your family share with oneanother including maya is awesome!

and Heather, thank you so much for posting and sharing this with all of us.
may god continue to bless you and maya.

PS that little "monkey" turned out to be a angel :wink: :D
I am sorry for your loss. I am so glad that Maya was a good girl. That is a great story how your doodle just knew to be good and there for you and your grandma. So sweet.
Heather I am so very sorry to hear about your Gram - How is your Grampa doing, it's so hard on those left behind.

I'm so glad that Maya got to go with you and that she was so good with
your Gram, pets are so amazing!

Keeping you and your family in my prayers

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Heather, I am sorry you have lost your grandma...she looks like she was a very sweet lady. I think it was a blessing that you got to be with her to the end. I am sure you and Maya were a great comfort for her.
Sweet pic. Ah the days of Grandma's cooking. It's been 50 years since My Grandma's passing and I so miss those wonderful smells and flavors of old world cuisine. She always had these cookies she made with sesame seeds that I was addicted to. Thanks for stimulating the old memory cells it made my morning...m
Thanks everyone! I am at peace knowing that Gram is at peace.
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