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What happened to my puppy....

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So, I went home to RI for just about 5 days, and suddenly, my puppy's grown!!!! I don't have a good pictures to document the growth, but I've got this video of his puppy doodle 500's.... but actually this is after his full 500, I couldn't get the camera fast enough.

Sorry for the poor quality. I really do need a new camera!

And as a comparison.... this was a short video I took a few days after we got him.

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He is so cute and he must be feeling better :) :)
Well, I don't know how much better he's feeling. When I was gone, Anthony forgot to give him his antibiotics. And he had TWO bugs!!! *sigh* so now we're playing catch-up.

Annabelle's Mom-- he's only supposed to get to be 40 lbs!!! But, he's already 17 lbs at 4 months.... so I'm thinking he's going to be bigger. But hopefully we don't have another Denver on our hands!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Kristen - sounds like he is on track with my Sandy, and I don't expect Sandy to get over 45lbs :) Sandy was 18lbs at 4 1/2 months and now at 6 1/2 months he is just under 30 - and he's about 5lbs underweight which is where he has been since a month after I brought him home :)

Napa is darling and I can't wait to see the videos when I get to my other computer :)
Wow, Chloe is 4 months old and probably 40 pounds. We haven't had a vet visit in awhile but she weighed in at 35 pounds last time. And the breeder said she would be on the smaller side...around 55 pounds. Well, she best stop growing so fast if she is only going to weigh that :lol:
awh those videos are so cute. Napa is adorable and you gotta love those doodle 500s!
But hopefully we don't have another Denver on our hands!!!
I know you meant this is the best way possible
Not to worry Denver was already about 45 lbs or better at that age.
Oh my!! If you think 18 lbs is big...Maya was just at the vet and was 28 lbs and she is 4 mos too!!! I am gonna have a big girl on my hands I think. I hope Napa gets better soon!! Now that mama is home I'm sure he will.
Kristen...what great videos...Napa's springing up like a weed!! :lol: Keep those pics and videos coming. Welcome home by the way.

How are things with the family?
Kristen ...great videos!! napa is such a cutie pie.
Of course I meant the Denver comment in the best way.... if I didn't live in an apartment!!! HAHAHAHA

But, yea, I thought he was on the smaller side.

The family is all good. The last of my grandmother's relatives are leaving tomorrow, so I'm sure things will be tough for a few days. BUT.... Family I hadn't seen in YEARS came up and over- my grandmother's sisters live in Ohio and New Jersey. So it was a family reunion. They're a riot when they're together. Shared stories of my great-grandfather's beach house in Wildwood, NJ..... So, it really lightened the mood. And I'm really glad I went home. I'm so busy here that I'm sure it wouldn't have hit me until I went home for Christmas! So, it was a well worth while trip. Thanks for asking.

You can really tell Napa's grown when he sits. It's amazing!

Oh... and we also had a surprise trip we had to take yesterday, and Napa came too.... a 3 hour trip down to Modesto and back.... he was SOO well behaved. I was honestly surprised!
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