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Wellness dog food - anybody use it

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Our year and a half old labradoodle ate Nutro natural choice puppy food as a puppy and loved it. When she was well over a year old we switched to the Natural Choice large breed dog food, and she does not like that as much. She will eat it, but not as enthusiastically as the puppy food. Apparently that is because the puppy food has more fat, therefore more appealing taste.
After reading the forums here with the discussions over the pet food recalls, etc, I decided to try switching her over to Canidae. The problem is that it's not availabe in our local pet store. They carry Wellness, which they say is equivalent in quality to Canidae. Does anyone have any experience with Wellness? I would appreciate your opinions.
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Any reason why you didn't switch to another Nutro? I have the best luck transitioning from puppy to adult natural choice rice and oatmeal :)
My vet doesnt advise large breed, and depending on your doodles size he may not even be a "large breed!!"
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