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Well Whoo-Hoo for Me!!!

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Getting very nervous because work tomorrow is fast approaching, I was on the phone this morning with 9...count em...9 different WalMarts in the greater Hartford area....much to my dismay, none of them had the PetNation soft sided pet crate like Dakota has..I needed the biggest, and they didn't have that size....soooo I thought I'd call two different Ocean State Job Lots in two nearby towns...and low and behold they both had the identical crate that I was trying to replace!!! And $19.99 to boot!!! Raleigh has never,ever attempted to scratch out the screens, or chew the canvas...I think that the reason he chewed it Friday afternoon was the fact that Molly was in his crate with a bone, and he was very frustrated that he couldn't have it, and took to chewing the zipper instead!! From now on, when not in use, I'll turn his crate around so that Molly can't enter! The Pet Cabana as it's called is made of sturdy canvas with three 'screen windows' and a peaked roof...30x30x36....I love it, and Raleigh has plenty of room to spread out!
Here are a few one of the tired Doodle after we came home from shopping...he's ready for a nap, as am I!!! :wink:
And of course I put a nice soft old Walmart quilt in there for him!! Plus his toys...At that price I shoulda bought two!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Nice tent you have there Raleigh, I can't believe Mom let you up on the couch after you ate it :shock:

Molly if we were not going away for Thanksgiving, I would have had your Mom drop you off at my house - I hope you have fun having the house to yourself :0)
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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