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Weight Gain

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Hey everyone! I was wondering if you could share your experience with initial weight gain for your puppies. I can't find a weight chart anywhere online.

Also, Linnie's nipples are very red and she acts like they are sore. She hasn't been as eager to feed the puppies recently, and when she does, she appears uncomfortable. She doesn't want to leave them, and is constantly cleaning them and letting them sleep around here.

I'll be calling the Vet in the morning to get her advice, but thought I would run it by you guys too!

Thanks for any advice!

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Thanks everyone for the advice!

I spoke to the Vet, she suggested a cream that humans use when they have similar problems. It is Lanolin, not sure of the spelling. My wife knows what it is and will be picking some up. Hopefully that helps her comfort level.

She is still very interested in the puppies, always licking them and cleaning up after them. She also doesnt want to leave them, only when she has to use the bathroom.

When we sit with her, she feeds them, so they are still eating a lot. Each puppy is gaining weight, and the ones that are gaining as fast, we put on first and leave on a few minutes extra.

Hopefully the cream will improve her comfort today, if not, we will be taking her to the Vet's tomorrow.

Thanks again!

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate your advice. Linnie is doing great feeding her puppies again. We have a cream for her nipples.

The smallest puppy, who we were worried about, is gaining weight quite fast now!

Here is a picture of her.

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