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Weight Gain

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Hey everyone! I was wondering if you could share your experience with initial weight gain for your puppies. I can't find a weight chart anywhere online.

Also, Linnie's nipples are very red and she acts like they are sore. She hasn't been as eager to feed the puppies recently, and when she does, she appears uncomfortable. She doesn't want to leave them, and is constantly cleaning them and letting them sleep around here.

I'll be calling the Vet in the morning to get her advice, but thought I would run it by you guys too!

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi Tom, newborns should have a steady weight gain each day. If you have a pup that is eating good and not gaining weight or is losing weight, see your vet.

Linnie's nipples could just be red from the puppies nursing her and what you are interpreting as uncomfortable could be Linnie's nervousness at being a new mom and being overwhelmed by the puppies. Momma's are very attentive to their newborns and I have some that will not even leave them long enough to go get a drink of water or use the bathroom without being made to. This usually subsides after a few days and the momma's get comfortable with leaving them to take care of their needs but then comes right back and checks each puppy as if to be counting them. If you think Linnie is sore, you might hold a warm compress on her teets to soothe her. I would still take her to the vets tomorrow just to make sure everything is ok (or see if your vet will come to the house and check her). The last thing you need right now is for Linnie to get sick. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck and let us know what the vet says after you call him/her.
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