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Wedding/House Sale Madness

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Well we have the rehearsal dinner scheduled to be held at our house tomorrow night. Between 30 and 40 for a sit down dinner. (What was I thinking):roll:

The grooms mother and father (in their 80's) are flying in from Wisconsin. His cousins, 5 sisters and all their spouses coming from Hawaii, DC, NC,....everywhere, so dinner is at our house.

Church wedding Saturday at 10:30 AM. We were just informed that the church can't be set up until a magic show they accidentally scheduled Friday night is over probably 10PM.

Tanner is going to his daycare to be boarded for Friday night, I wish I could join him.

Saturday night Tim and I will be celebrating...all the kids, his and mine, will be married.

Monday our house sale closes and then we have a week to pack and move. We are moving to 4 small rooms, yard with no fence. It will be a hard year but we plan to leave for South Carolina June 1, 2009.

I can't believe we are so close to retirement, wasn't it yesterday that it was 3 years away. :wink:

And you my friends are keeping me sane through all this :wink:
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Congrats and have a wonderful wedding..........
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