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We have a water dood!

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My husband and I are so happy! We've been wanting to take Ari out to the lake for SO long now to see if he would swim (or even like the water for that matter) but between his neutering surgery and then his scuffle he got into, he was unable to go into the water.

But since his wounds have healed, we decided to bring him out to Whampler's Lake in Irish Hills, Michigan this past Saturday to have a BBQ, walk the trails and see how he felt about going into the lake.

Well... It was a success! Ari LOVED the water. We didn't even have to coax him in! He dove right into the water, splashed and hopped about, and retrieved sticks for us. He was such a good boy - I felt like a proud mom! ( :roll: <---- the expression on my family's face when I told them

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of him in the water - but here are some others... :)

Ari checking out a border collie. His fur is finally starting to grow back where they had to shave his wounds.

He's so well behaved!

Whampler's Lake - Irish Hills, Michigan

A semi-wet doodle... starring longingly into the lake... wanting to go swimming again.

Ari basking in the sun - trying to dry off after his romp in the lake.

Tired boy - fighting to keep his eyes open on the ride home - he doesn't want to miss anything!

Nope... it didn't work. Out like a light!
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OH those are such sweet pics of ARI :D

and wow , congrats on ARI taking to water immediately
great pics ! So glad Ari is doing better and enjoyed his swim
What sweet pictures :wink:
That looks like a great way to spend the day with a doodle!
Thanks for sharing
I'm glad Ari took to the water like a natural. I'd be a proud mama too. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your fun day.
Ari!!! You look like you had so much fun...but wait! Is that a Canada mint I see on the picnic bench??? How'd ya miss that one Buddy????? My sister Molly would have snarfed that up in two seconds flat!!! :roll: :roll:
Thank your Mom for posting those great pictures!!! :D :D

Your pal,
Raleigh! :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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