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Water and potty training issues...

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Hello everyone, I recall that we have had discussions regarding how much water to give puppies and whether or not to take the water away at night while we are houstraining them...well, since the weather is so hot in some areas, I was looking for information. I ran across an interesting article on the topic and I thought would be good to share: ... C=0&A=2314
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Perfect timing on this as we were just having this dicussion regarding Archie and whether he should have his water bowl available all the time and would it mess up his housetraining. We decided he should and we'd be better at watching him...its worked.
Thanks for confirming our decision.

This helps me a lot as my puppy is not even home yet and people keep telling me not to leave water out for housetraining reasons. I felt that I would and deal with extra bathroom trips, so Thank you for the heads up on this matter.

Thanks! I was wondering about the water issue and summer.
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