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was i out of line?

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the subject of dog aggression and (poor) handler behavior has come up lately and i wonder if i was out of line today - can someone please clarify what the appropriate protocol is for how to handle repetitive humping? for example, we were at my usual park today and a dog was being mildly aggressive toward shaia - hackles raised, repeatedly lunging at her throat/dragging her around by the neck. not hurting her, but shaia was ineffectively trying to fight his dog off. she would end up on her back on the ground (she is very submissive) and when she would try to get up, he would hump her back down to the ground. she would get up and get away and he would come after her again, same deal. 99% of the time (well, 100% of the time up to this point) i stand back and let them work it out. after this went on for a while (shaia being humped to the ground) and the owner didn't intervene, i grabbed the dog's collar and said "enough" and dragged the dog off my dog. the owner then grabbed her dog and left. was i out of line? is it ok to intervene when someone else's dog is repeatedly humping your dog? shaia wasn't being hurt by this dog but was clearly uncomfortable, and more than anything else, i was really annoyed. i felt weird about it afterward though.
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Not out of line at did the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can let dogs work it out most of the time but if
one is being bullied then I always step in, if the owner does not,
I have mentioned before how Denver used to get humped
a lot by Winston(bull mastiv) who is now his best buddy.
Anyway because they were the same size(not anymore, Denver will always be taller but Winston now outweighs him) we watched carefully
and did let them work it out. Winston's owner is very caring
and stopped Winston many times but I told her to let it be as I knew
Denver would react eventually..............Denver is a very laid back dog
and very sensitive so he puts up with a lot but he did finally had
enough and one day just held Winston down and we stood back and watched. He literally just laid on top of him and did not bite or anything
he was just showing Winston that if needed he could take him down.
They have been the best buds since and Winston has never tried it again.
I realize that this is a different situation because I know the owner and we are friends and we are both animal lovers but I wanted to tell the story anyway.teehee
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