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Wanting a Labradoodle

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I just posted but don't know what happened to it. LOL I've been around for about a year and reading daily. I emailed someone on the forum about pups they had (which were beautiful), but the price is really out of my range. My husband died about a year ago, and my income greatly decreased. Do all doodles sell for $2000 + or can I find one for quite a bit less. I had the priviledge of sitting for a doodle for 1-2 weeks about a year ago, and fell in love with him. I wanted one then, but did not want to rush into anything seeing that I'd just lost my husband. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...I know you will not lead me in the wrong direction.

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Carol, what area do you live in? Shannon is great on letting everyone know when there is a doodle in need of rescue. Knowing your locations could help.
Good luck in your search---they are wonderful dogs and the people on this forum will help.
H Carol, I have sent you a private message. :D You can open it by looking to the top of this page, bottom line, between "profile" and "logout" click on "you have new messages"
We have a few left, crate trained now and 3 months. all are adorable and well mannered. Depending on where you are located. We still would not ship our babies. (maybe its our fear of flying that keeps us from you can email us on any details you may need. :)
You might want to check local shelters/adoption agencies. Not because the doodles there are 'cheaper', but you would be saving a wonderful animal from the possibility of a nasty future.

I know not everyone is in to adoption for animals, they are afraid of complications from their former families. I, however, am a firm believer in giving a pet a new lease on life.

Just an idea, especially if the price of a puppy is throwing you off.

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