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Walked out during class !

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I couldnt handle that crazy lady. I wanted to just say to her "let me put a choke around your neck because i dont like how you are behaving" :twisted:

Lincoln was fine the ride there and out of the car. All of a sudden a crazy wild aussie jumps out of his car, gets to class outside ( we were still getting the kids out). This dog ends up setting the mood. rest of the dogs are barking etc. Lincoln is fine, a stranger/ lady goes and tries to put her hand on lincolns head and he growls. We get into line to start class and a lab next to us starts to growl so Lincoln growls back (what does she expect my dog to do sit there quietly and take it )and trainer says " YOU KNOW THAT MARTINGALE IS NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR LINCOLN" OK, how come he is getting really good at walks, gets along with our friends dogs ( boxer, german shorthair) and WHY does she constantly put people down. So i had enough ( DH had enough last week LOL) as i walk off i say " you know what maybe you should take a look at all the dogs in the class and see that your method is NOT working, some of these dogs are out of control and i dont want mine by some of them". DH gets kids up and we walk away. Lincoln laid his head on DHs shoulder the ride home like "THANK YOU" Funny he made the comment that we wouldnt put our kids in school so why would we our dog) :lol: Of course, we are going to look into getting a trainer for at home which makes much more sense to us.

THANK GOD that we are not going back. Heck we all were getting edgy driving there.
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UGH! I swore she was going to make him worse. I was surprised at myself cause i reallllly could have gone off on her however i think i did maintain myself pretty well :? I asked DH who is pretty darn laid back and he said if she had said that to him this evening he would have had to pull a Jerry Miguire on her. :lol:

long story short: Trainer was right on us immediately and used it as a teaching lesson on how we need to be trained along with our dogs. And also how dog mentality really is at times. All went well. "

Yeah that would be great if she would do that. The only thing this cranky lady seemed to know how to do was say things to some like " do you like him barking like that, call me in 5 years when your dog has problems with his legs from jogging etc. she is crazy. she believe whatever they do that you dont like you yank them with a nylon choke.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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