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Visiting with another Dog

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I have an inquiry and I am being asked if it's okey for me if they see the pups and bring another dog with them. I have advised them that I don't accept visits until the pups have their parvo shots. I don't think there is anything wrong about bringing another dog in my place to see if the pup of their chose will get along with their other dog but healthwise I am concern. Have you ever been asked of this?

Please let me know your thoughts.

I appreciate it,
Mhyles :D
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And I am just the opposite. I would say "Absolutely not." Nope. If it means losing a sale, so be it. I have trouble with just the families coming to is very easy to pick up disease on shoes and such, but dogs walking where other dogs walk, trails, parks, dog parks, can really bring home serious diseases. All it takes for me to say no is to read the symptoms and the horror stories of Parvo.
We had puppies with kennel cough and that was bad enough...nosiree...people who visit have to wear booties at my house!
I'd suggest that you research the diseases, how they are communicated, how long the viruses live and decide after you know more.
I asked my vet if I could take my puppy with me to visit my mother in another state. He said, if you KNOW that there has not been a parvo infected dog in TEN YEARS on the property, then go ahead.
This is not the first vet who has told me such things...another vet told me that I was wise not to let visitors in without shoe covers (I made him wear them when he came! LOL) because, in his words, "Once you get Parvo, you NEVER get rid of it."
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Oh, Tink, such a hard lesson to learn...people ask me all the time too, and I won't allow it.
In fact, I am glad you posted this I am going to pass it along to someone...thank you!
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