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hey, Partners in Puppies, one of our own, Kris Homman, a doodle-poodle breeder in OH is collecting info and payments for a group rate on the vWD's $99/dog with the group submission.

or are we all set with testing? She said there were plenty of doodle breeders saying they wanted to do it but backing out, so I just thought I'd mention it, if anyone's thinking of testing for that. I was just a tad early on getting our girls tested, to be in the doodle group, darnit!
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Gosh, Maureen, I would if I needed one! My dogs have all been tested, except for Rosie, my GD...and I am going to test hips first because that is such a biggie if she doesn't pass, no sense in other tests.

Wish I could help. Thanks anyway! Jac
i may be interested after I test for hips as well
Terri Lynn
(it would be two tests).
DEADLINE this time is 2/20, but there will probably be other tests, other times. If you are interested you can call or email me, or you can contact for more info.

About doing it after hips, I AGREE! But I just today got my results on our 3 girls and it is a HUGE relief that they're all ok with the big 3!
(Hips, eyes, and vWD) I may test for other stuff, but I'm really really not worried about these girls anymore, and that is a great relief as a breeder :D
I agree, Maureen, getting the clearance for vWD is a big one. I was really concerned about that.
I just know that the biggest expense (for me) belongs to the PennHip testing...if they have bad hips, no need to test anything else...I'd hate to get a good test on all of the other things and find out hips are seems that hips are the major factor these days...all of it is important, though, so it is always a nice thing to cross the bridges along the way.
VetGen is a good test...I thought it was fun to see the color results too...although I wish that (for the price they charge) they would also identify the dillute gene and mention that as well. (For all of us with silver babies!)
Congratulations Maureen on your test results!
Terri lynn
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