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We're in Santa Monica and our vet ( has experience with Labradoodles - obviously our own, but also others...

I'm sure that 30 miles north of here you'll find one that has seen them too - but I'm not so sure if it really matters. LDs are obviously a cross between poodles and labs, and each vet will have experience with both. And even regardless of that, anatomically all dogs are 99.9999% the same (even a wildlife vet who only knows wolves, foxes, coyotes or dingos will be great with a Labradoodle ;))

But I do agree with Jac - check out a couple of vets and choose the one you're most comfortable with/get the best vibe from, regardless of their experience with Labradoodles ;)

When do you get your LD pup? Keep us posted so we can include you in any LA Area Labradoodle romp in the future ;)

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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