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Vet in Thousand Oaks-Agoura California who sees Labradoodles

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My wife and I will be getting a Labradoodle Puppy soon and we are starting to look for a Vet in the area who has some experience with Labradoodles. Does anyone here Know and use a Vet in this area?? Thanx for your help
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Good morning, welcome and congratulations on the expected arrival of a new Labradoodle!
I don't know of any vets in your area at all, but I thought I'd give you my experiences with vets regarding Labradoodles...most have been so excited and happy to have us as customers...most have found the dogs to be excellent in both health and temperament.
My current vet (cares for my puppies and my adult dogs) had never seen doods before and she continually raves about them...she can't imagine why everyone doesn't have one! She thinks they are the best dogs she has ever seen. :D
I did go to one vet and, while I was standing there ready to sign in for the first time, the office staff approached with the insulting questions...what IS this breed? When I told her, she do that ON PURPOSE??? And then said that she would go and get the muzzle...whereupon I said, "No, you won't muzzle my dogs." and I left...I wish that I would have said more...
Anyway, you will get both reactions. Most reactions will be very positive...but watch for the one or two negative ones and just go elsewhere.
I suggest that you meet with a couple of vets in your area, ask them directly how they feel about Labradoodles and if they have any negative reaction...keep looking.
I don't think that the health issues of Labradoodles are that much different from other breeds, so experience with Labradoodles shouldn't be a requisite...loving, gentle, knowledgable care and understanding should be.
If you like the office staff, and the vet, I'd say give them a try.
You might want to find out what the emergency policies are available will your vet be?
Good luck! I hope that you post a picture of your new puppy when (s)he arrives!
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We're in Santa Monica and our vet ( has experience with Labradoodles - obviously our own, but also others...

I'm sure that 30 miles north of here you'll find one that has seen them too - but I'm not so sure if it really matters. LDs are obviously a cross between poodles and labs, and each vet will have experience with both. And even regardless of that, anatomically all dogs are 99.9999% the same (even a wildlife vet who only knows wolves, foxes, coyotes or dingos will be great with a Labradoodle ;))

But I do agree with Jac - check out a couple of vets and choose the one you're most comfortable with/get the best vibe from, regardless of their experience with Labradoodles ;)

When do you get your LD pup? Keep us posted so we can include you in any LA Area Labradoodle romp in the future ;)

Congratulations on your new pup! It's always so exciting to bring a new little pup home! I agree that the most important factor is how comfortable you are with the Vet and staff. I pay even more attention to the staff's behavior that the Vet's because they spend much more time with the dogs. I have recently switched Vets. My old Vet was fine but they do seem to change doctors frequently so when I find one I really like, I'm never sure how long she/he will be there. My new Vet is equally fine but his staff shines! They know and love LDs! When I went to pick Dakota up after his neuter, I was told to turn right around and leave because the staff had fallen in love with and decided to adopt Dakota! --I held my ground!
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