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Bella is extremely wilful and very bright. She has some big problems that we need to get to grips on. She’s almost eleven months old and we admit being softies because she was ill for so long. BUT she needs to learn some manners fast before she either gets run over by the park keeper or worse

Can’t cure her of the following

She jumps up at people constantly both indoors and out

She will frequently try to ‘catch’ cars as they whiz past

Spots a ‘friend’ over the other side of the park and zooms off.

Pulls endlessly on a lead despite our best efforts at getting her to heal

Barks a lot but won’t do it on command.

But she does understand

Fetch your ball


I whisper bye bye’s and she puts herself to bed in her crate. :D

I yell bed and she knows she’s in trouble and goes to her crate, also knows the difference between the two. (bye bye’s she goes to sleep and bed she remains sitting up in crate)

Knows ‘medicine time’ is just before bed and queues at kitchen gate for spoonful of food and meds.

So how do we get Bella to learn her manners, we know she’s bright enough.
Doesn’t help that her best friend is also a loony so we may need to train both!

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Must admit we're not keen on the prong either, I accept that others like them but don't feel it's for Bella.

To those that suggested cheese and stuff, we can't because of her total exclusion diet. We do use her food biscuits as training treats though. :)

trouble is she's so stubborn!

Walking to heal is a nightmare and she just drags us no matter how many times we jerk the lead and stuff.

she's a heavy thing now too :lol:
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