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I love my prong collar. I purchased it from K-9 Toolbox, on-line. It's a Herm Sprenger Coran, I think! I could not control Biscuit without a prong on a walk. And, we prong at home and in training classes. I have put the prong around my arm and pulled, it only puts pressure and does not poke into you. I don't think there is any problems with using it. I see a lot of big dogs with prongs. They are like power steering for the dog.

I also make Biscuit sit before anyone can address him. I has helped tremendously in his jumping up on people. While training, I step on his leash so he cannot jump up. I tell people that he has to sit before they can pet him. So, far it has worked. Today, he sat when we greeted someone (without me even saying it:)).

Good luck. Training and consistency is my key. And, lots of exercise.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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