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I will share some of what we have done in our training, and the best commands for the situation. Have you ever been to obedience with Bella?

Jamie said:
Can't cure her of the following

She jumps up at people constantly both indoors and out
"OFF!", with a pull down on the lead (preferrably with your foot to maintain a standing position)
She will frequently try to 'catch' cars as they whiz past
"LEAVE IT", and a tug back on the lead (works for anything you dont want her to have)
Spots a 'friend' over the other side of the park and zooms off.
"STAY CLOSE", lead should have a "j" shape
Pulls endlessly on a lead despite our best efforts at getting her to heal
Barks a lot but won't do it on command.
"QUIET", with a tug on the lead, or a spray of water to the muzzle

Also, this was VERY effective for the headstrong Bandit, and has made SUCH a HUGE difference in his training attitude, behaviour and willingness to cooperate:

I know they LOOK awful, but really this brand, Herm Sprenger (mfg in Germany) is the BEST! The prongs are rounded and not violent at all. They simply do what they are designed to, provide consistent gentle pressure at the neck like a mother would do to them for a correction.

pull = gentle even pressure on the lead (down, up, forward, backward) in a direction associated with the command.

tug = a quick snap of the lead in the direction associated with the command.

All lead actions are much more definitive with a prong as opposed to a standard collar. And unlike a choke chain, more naturally effective.

Best suggestion I have is to take an obendience class, Bella and your family/friends will thank you.

1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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