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FDA won't name US Supplier of wheat gluten. The Chinese company sent the gluten to the US supplier who then sold it to Hill's, Menu Foods and Del Monte (so far):
Could there be an ongoing criminal investigation into the contamination?
Could the contamination have occurred in the US company and not China?
Could the FDA be protecting this company for some reason?

Well, Del Monte and Hills Pet food are located in Topeka Kansas.
Headlines from an article I found:

City is state's pet food capital Del Monte, Hill's employ more than... ... _n11803217

So, to me that would suggest a possible KANSAS wheat gluten supplier.

MGP Ingredients of Kansas has issued a statement denying they supplied the contaminated wheat gluten.

So, I then located another supplier in Kansas:

US Energy Partners, LLC

This company uses produces ethanol (along with the wheat gluten) and is a member of the EPA CHP program (Combined Heat and Power Partnership)

Hmmm, do you think this company might be one that the FDA (a government agency) would want to protect?

Just a thought.
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