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electric fence

Do you already have an electric fence? I had a lab growing up that did very well with an electric fence. I don't think we got it until she was about 6 months old though. We had the company 'Invisible Fence' come and install it and they teach you how to train them on it. They put about a million flags in the ground where the fence is, and we had to shake the flags and say 'no' when she got too close to the fence. Then we would run to the middle of the yard and play so inside the fence = good, fenceline = bad. I would say that you could start training your pup to stay away from the fenceline, but 13 weeks just seems so young to shock her yet. I would say that you should wait a little longer to leave her alone in the yard, but you could start training her now. We used a long (30') leash until my dog was ready and knew to stay away from the fence. Hope this helped. Good luck!

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1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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