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I'm with Maureen on the interviewing/application process. I am interviewing the person the second they call/e-mail me. Sometimes I make a decision in the first few minutes as to whether I would even consider letting a person have one of my babies, and other times things are addressed as they manifest themselves in our growing relationship. There is a concrete list of traits I am looking for in my puppy parents, but these things go unspoken unless I need to say that I feel we are not the right match to the prospective client.

As many of you already know, I certainly won't sell to anybody and I am very cautious about placing my babies. All this said, my clients and I develop a relationship in which there is mutual trust and a long lasting friendship held together by the adoption of one of our babies. An application/piece of paper could never insure something like that. When you actually hear or see the reaction when you ask someone a question is when you get the most truthful answers, straight from the gut, without time to think about what they should write according to what they think the breeder wants to hear.

Good luck in your quest and great question!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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