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I have been looking for an allergy-friendly family dog, maybe a doodle. I have contacted a couple nice people near my area (IL/WI), but have not found one of the things that I expected to find. Some of the reading out there says that the best breeders would like to interview the buyer and perhaps even assign which dog goes to whom. I have not found this kind of interaction so far. Should I expect to? Is this old-fashioned? Is it just for purebred owners? I read the Raising a Puppy book by those monks in New York, and I liked the way the chose who got each German Sheppard.

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You should DEFINITELY be interviewed, this shows that the breeder cares where the pup is going. Make sure they do genetic testing to ensure that the parents have good hips, eyes and elbows and thus are fit to be bred. They should also have a 2 year health guarantee.

Be diligent! Many local breeders will probably not meet these criteria and you may have to do nationwide research to find a breeder that fits your needs. THey ship pups... totally normal. The pups spend a few hours in their crate on a plane but are fine and it is much less harmful than 12 hours in a car.

Where are yo located? There are many trusted breeders on this forum. It is possible that one is within driving distance from you.

Also, if you have allergies I would suggest going with an F1b or a Multigen doodle... they tend to be more allergy friendly and theres a lower chance that you would react.
LOL! I just saw your message againn... ok IL.

Well.... here are a few that arent too far:

Shauna at Chicago Labradoodles, they breed Multigens:

Theresa at Cedar Hill (F1s and F1bs):

Michael at Sunshine Acres (in Indiana, not sure if they do F1bs or Multis... may only do F1s, which arent as allergy friendly):

Heather at Cheyenne Valley (in Oklahoma, F1bs and MultiGens):

Virgil at OutWest Labradoodles (Kansas):
--not sure if they do F1bs or Multigens--

Hope that helps!
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I'm in Wichita Ks and will allow visits and do phone interviews besides lots of emails. I can give references my web site is
Hi Bob,
Welcome to the forum!
I hope that you are able to find the Labradoodle for you! They are such great dogs.
I wonder if some of the breeders you are contacting are waiting until you show serious interest before they ask questions.
I know that when people contact me the first time or two, unless they seem very serious I just answer their questions. When they get ready to buy, I send them an application. I have a lot of questions on the application that I feel are important to ask, but I wait until I know that they are willing to give me the info. Otherwise, I feel that it would be an imposition to grill them about their lives. :wink:
So, maybe you could give some of them another chance.
But do look for health testing, referrals (vet and past buyers) and warranties. Good luck!

Good point. I am glad that I have an expanded list of choices to investigate now. However, would it be disruptive to go on to the "serious" stage with several breeders at the same time, then having to let down all but 1 of them?

You need to find the breeder that is right for YOU and with whom you feel most comfortable. Its not really serious until you give a deposit... so go ahead and talk to as many as you like until you know who you would like to pruchase from!

I was a NUT about it, ask the others! It took me 6 months before I found my breeder (cheyenne valley) but I also had an extra requirement: champion field trial hunting lines, so that made it trickier.

Call them, ask all the questions you can think of (there are some good lists on this board... do a search, you will find SEVERAL threads with lists of questions) and just see if you 'mesh' with any of them. Again I cannot stress enough the importance of genetic testing and the health wattanty.... any good breeder will have these-- they should be MUST haves. Other than that its about the type of doodle best for your family (agian F1b or Multi-gen for allergies is best... though a little more expensive) and your comfort level with the breeder's personality and techniques. For instance some people really want the puppies raised IN the home, others want them to spend some time outside. Also some people liek breeders who have only a few litters a year, others like the choice that more litters and dogs brings to the mix. Once you're past this point its more about personal choice.

Good luck! and feel free to ask any more questions! I know I found this board VERY helpful in my breeder search process!

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Hi Bob,

From my perspective, as a breeder, I would be surprised (and concerned) if the buyers are not looking for the best possible situation.

I suggest that you are upfront with the breeder, say that you are working from an initial list and that now you are more interested in narrowing the list to a few specific breeders.

Ask what is required to purchase a puppy from them. Usually people who have applications will say that they will send you one at that point.

Most breeders only require a deposit (if at all) when you want them to hold a specific puppy for you. If you don't pay a deposit, there is a chance that the pup you are interested in may be sold to another.

A good breeder will NOT be insulted if you are looking at many breeders and if you are considering them as one of your selections. In fact, they will be honored that you appreciate their program and will offer to help you even if you decide not to buy from them.

Don't be shy about telling the breeder that you are narrowing your focus and that you want to know what is required to purchase one of their dogs. If they don't interview you or at least explain that you will be interviewed, then they probably won't. But, most of the breeders I know of want to be sure that their puppies are in good, healthy, loving homes so they will ask questions.

Hope you will let us know when you decide! We always love to welcome new Doods and their families!
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Hi Bob and welcome to the forum. I just wanted to add that I believe you should also ask to see a copy of the genetic testing, and insure your guarantee ect is in wrtiing.

I have shipped both of my puppies with no difficulties. The premium breeders site for goldendoodles and labradoodles, lists some wonderful breeders who are doing the genetic testing and offering health guarantees. There are some wonderful breeders as well who chat on this forum. Jac currently has F1b's right now and she is one of the breeders that quickly comes to mind. I have the full sister to her stud dog (Standard Poodle) and they have wonderful temperments and personalities.

Good luck with your search. It is very time consuming but I believe it is worth it in the end to have exactly what you are looking for.
Terri Lynn
Hi and welcome, Bob!
Your post is so interesting, because I guess I like feeling like our puppies are going to their new homes by mutual decision of the new owner and myself. I am not comfortable filling out a form, or requiring one, because I've seen it FALSELY filled out, according to how the buyer thinks someone wants it filled out. :cry: So I never sell a puppy without speaking to people. But I feel that by the time the people are speaking of the serious terms and plans for the puppy I have gotten a feel of who I'm working with. Interviews? I suppose but in a more informal manner. Does that help? Perhaps the breeder(s) you spoke with have been experienced enough that they didn't even show their cards that they are sizing you up? Just a thought. :)

Anyway welcome, and ALL the breeders who post here are GREAT! And we all do genetic testing, don't we? To my knowledge we do, but should we make that a separate thread? :D
I'm with Maureen on the interviewing/application process. I am interviewing the person the second they call/e-mail me. Sometimes I make a decision in the first few minutes as to whether I would even consider letting a person have one of my babies, and other times things are addressed as they manifest themselves in our growing relationship. There is a concrete list of traits I am looking for in my puppy parents, but these things go unspoken unless I need to say that I feel we are not the right match to the prospective client.

As many of you already know, I certainly won't sell to anybody and I am very cautious about placing my babies. All this said, my clients and I develop a relationship in which there is mutual trust and a long lasting friendship held together by the adoption of one of our babies. An application/piece of paper could never insure something like that. When you actually hear or see the reaction when you ask someone a question is when you get the most truthful answers, straight from the gut, without time to think about what they should write according to what they think the breeder wants to hear.

Good luck in your quest and great question!
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Thanks for the feedback. We are still investigating -- mainly if I will be allergic, and to what degree. You know, I am an engineer, so what is a casual conversation to me is usually a horrible interrogation to someone else, so it could just be me.

Thanks again,
LOL Bob!
I get it...I love to debate and am very curious so some people are put off by that, as well! But every breeder I know is reassured when people ask good questions. It says you are carefully considering adopting this member of your family.

I wish you could "allergy-test" our dogs, I'd be glad to have you checking me out while I'm checking you out....if you are in So. IL maybe you want to drive to Lee Ann's doodle romp and meet her! :wink:
Bob, you are more than welcome to attend the romp!
Lee Ann
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