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Tykes New Do (Thanks to Boo!)

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Boo's mom was kind enough to send me the directions for Boo's lovely haircut, so we tried a variation of it on Tyke. Because she spends so much time in mud and water, we went just a tad shorter so she could dry faster, and didn't go with the poodle feet (the groomer agreed with me - Tyke's feet are so big for her size, she would have looked a little goofy!)! Here are a few pics after her trip to the groomer!
WOW - short hair feels better!

Checking out the last of the camellias


Inspecting the hyacinths in Fritzy's garden. This stick looks tasty!

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TYKE said she is soooo sorry, Jonah, but she didn't want to be steppin' on Miko's toes - she never flirts with another girl's man!! (but you are
Ahhhhh, shucks!
Tyke looks adorable with her new cut. Her body fur is a little shorter than Chouette's new hairstyle but there's much more length to the fur on Tyke's face, so she still looks doodle-ish. Very elegant! And much easier to keep neat and clean.

She looks darling!
I think it will be very low maintenance for the summer too - Tyke cannot pass a mud puddle, running hose, or any kind of water without getting herself wet! This morning she made a mess of herself while I was rinsing pollen off the car - but she dried much quicker than she does with her long hair!
I have to admit, I like both - I love this cut, but I love her long "doodlelocks" in the wintertime too!
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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