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Tyke's message for the boss

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We had quite a day at work yesterday - thanks to Tyke! As you know, I'm leaving my current job and taking a teaching position in the fall, but I haven't given notice yet - I'm going to let them know the day I come back from next week's vacation. (Knowing the powers that be at work, they'd find some way to ruin my vacation if they knew!) My paralegal and I were the only ones in the office yesterday, and it was already 4:30 - we'd be locking the doors in 30 mins. Holly asked if Tyke could come out of my office and sit up front with her for a few minutes (she LOVES Tyke!)
Tyke snooped around the office for a bit, when suddenly the front door opened and the senior partner from he!! walked in with a business parter! :twisted: (This partner is the ONLY person Tyke ever barks at!) Well, I grabbed her up and took her back to my office. Meanwhile, the man with :twisted: is a real dog lover and was asking questions about Tyke and petting her. As :twisted: walked into the conference room, he found a PRESENT that Tyke had left, unbeknownst to Holly or me and HE STEPPED IN IT!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: And would you believe, as I was apologizing all over myself and :twisted: was hopping around on one foot, cleaning his shoe, his business partner said "oh, that happens at our house all the time - when you have six dogs, you're bound to have an accident once in a while" and the HE HELPED ME CLEAN IT UP! (Wish I worked for him!!)
I think Tyke's days are numbered at the firm - as if they weren't already! But then again, maybe she just wanted to leave :twisted: something to remember her by!!!! (She certainly said it better than I ever could have! :wink: )
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DOODLE ON TYKE :D I love POETIC JUSTICE :wink: You made my day :D
Instead of out of the mouths of babes.......

Way to go Tyke!
Oh Tyke, I think you are making sure your mama doesn't change her mind :wink:
Sometimes I think Tyke is just TOO smart..... :roll:
You know she just wanted them to know how she felt about them....LOL that was funny. Tyke good one. :lol:
Good one Tyke. Tell them how you really feel!!! hahahahaa
OMG Tykie!!! Youm are too funny! What goes around, comes around huh??? Bwahahaha...loved this story made my morning!!! :wink: :wink:
and that is what makes dogs perfect,,,,,timing
Alright Tyke! That was AWESOME!!!
Tears are flowing...I'm laughing so hard!!

Is this what Tyke was thinking?.......

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hahhaaaa OMG that is tooooooooo funny!!
TYKE is smart rather than give them a piece of his mind,
he left them something to ponder over :wink:
Gene that is hilarious!!!
Gene - that is PERFECT! I may have to print that off and put in on my boss's desk on my last day of work - leave him a little something to look for - and worry about!!! :wink:
Tyke knows how to get a point across!

Thanks for sharing!
tykesmom said:
Gene - that is PERFECT! I may have to print that off and put in on my boss's desk on my last day of work - leave him a little something to look for - and worry about!!! :wink:

DO IT!!!

we dare you to!! :twisted: :lol: :lol:
DO IT!!![/size]

we dare you to!! :twisted: :lol: :lol:[/quote]

Maybe I'll have to blow it up and copy it in living color. My mom suggested some of that nice plastic doody in the chair as a nice touch too. Gene, you and BaBa would be SCARY together!!! :shock: :wink:
LOL I just had to come back to see what everyone had to say. And Gene that was priceless.
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