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Tyke visits Santa!

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Tyke and my mom and sister spent the weekend in Asheville, NC. Poor Shoney didn't get to go, because Pam's youngest son pointed out that if this was a "girl's" weekend, Shoney was a BOY, and therefore had to stay home with the men! :lol: (We think he was just going to miss his dog, so we took pity on him and left Shoney home this time)
Saturday, we went to the Biltmore Estate and Tyke and I had a wonderful little hike - unfortunately, it was so crowded that Mom and Pam had a two hour wait to even get into the house. We have annual passes, so we just decided to go back on Sunday and went into downtown Asheville instead. We planned to go to the Mast General Store (my favorite!) and do a little shopping. Instead, we found out that the Asheville Humane Society had invited Santa to come and visit with the good little dogs of Asheville! Tyke got her turn on Santa's lap, and was quite the celebrity - for a while there, I felt like a child star's mom! 8) Everyone wanted to know what kind of dog she was, and when they found out that she was a labradoodle, they were really interested in her! A few had labradoodles back home themselves! At any rate, Tyke was a great ambassador for her breed, and I think Santa liked her too!

Santa looks pretty honored to be holding a 'doodle baby, don't you think??
No coal in this pup's stocking this year!!!
By the way, Tyke and I finished our hike this morning in the rain while my mom and sister went through the house at the Biltmore Estate - Tyke had a blast - deer, chipmunks (she had never seen one of THOSE), geese and RAIN - what more could a doodle ask for!) She got to the car soaking wet, got a good towel off, and slept for the whole four hour car ride back home!!!
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Gene, you are so right - love the bubble you added!!!
She actually behaved very well, and was not afraid at all of Santa, who gave her some yummy treats when she was done.
I would love to see a picture of Denver on Santa's lap...of course, you wouldn't be able to see Santa at all!!!!! :lol:
I wish that I had taken a picture of her after her hike on Sunday- covered with "beggar lice" and soaking wet from the rain! She looked like a totally different (and much more pitiful) dog!! Had to hold her down last night when we got home to comb them all out of her hair! My sister and I decided we would meet there again on a warm Jan. or February weekend and take our two babies for another hike - but we will definitely not pick a rainy day!
Sometimes it's frightening to know what they are thinking, isn't it??? :wink:
Which, believe it or not, just happened with Tyke! She is in "timeout" right now for nipping too hard :evil: ! She has lost most of the puppy teeth, but still brings blood once in a while! Everyone I've met who said their doodle did it also said they grew out of it, but Santa is watching this little chick!! :twisted:

But when she is sweet, she is sooooooooo sweet! :D
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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